pics-lookup.jpgCareer Coaching

Being valued by ourselves and others plays a key role in our self esteem. Reasons to work may vary but our self esteem ultimately determines the quality of our lives. Individuals make decisions that map careers often at an early age for a variety of reasons.  Those careers may cease to serve our needs at some point and this is when a career coach can assist by offering a brainstorming session to clear any blocks and set out realistic goals for a client.

Mental roadblocks can stand in a client’s way often stemming from self limiting beliefs gained in childhood.  A coach can explore these beliefs with the client and often raise awareness in more than one aspect of a client’s life. Whatever your belief that you have formed over time, if you believe it strongly enough it becomes your reality. Career paths can be chosen and dictated to by these preconceived beliefs we hold ourselves in. Blocks are formed and goals are not followed because we don’t think we are capable.  Exploring these beliefs and often changing them can be liberating and lead us on a different path in our lives. A path that will be akin to our values we hold true to ourselves.