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"Before embarking on the journey of life coaching, I didnt really know much about it. I almost thought it was another "buzz" word, or that it was more suited to sporting individuals. Now that I have been through a number of sessions, I can say that I was quite wrong. Coaching has helped me to define a path for my life and identified a number of avenues for change. The process has helped me to look inwards, where previously I could not. The guidance from my coach has been invaluable and I am the better person for the experience. If you need to find clarity and direction in your life, then coaching is for you. Even if you have those things, I would still recommend coaching as it will help you discover something about your personality. I have no regrets, and I look forward."

Andrew Shortall

“I didn’t have any expectations when I began coaching. I knew I had to make some changes in my life but I didn’t know what and how so I contacted Minerva. Coaching has been so positive for me. It gave me a kick to change things that didn’t make me happy in both my professional and personal life. Kate was fantastic! She coached me on how to cope with certain aspects of my life, facing difficult challenges and turning them into positive opportunities. After the first session I was able to see an improvement in my day to day life. I have now a short term and long term goal to look forward to. I would definitively recommend coaching to anyone who is looking for more out of life and a better work life balance.”

Olivia Flynn
Sales Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

“I was not sure what to expect from coaching but I had seen a work colleague benefit from it so I was open minded and eager to improve aspects of my own life. I assumed I would be given advice but was pleasantly surprised to see that I held all the answers myself when asked the right questions. The sessions gave me the tools to achieve what I want out of life. They were a great learning experience and really motivated me and gave me direction. I have full confidence in Kate’s services and highly recommend her. The sessions were very enjoyable and were held in a very comfortable and professional environment.”

Sinead Hickey
Executive, Health Company

“I had been experiencing panic attacks for over 18 years and since having my first child I realised I had to face this problem that I had been living with for so long. My panic was so immense that even going out of my house was a daunting experience. A friend recommended Minerva Coaching. Following 4 sessions over a period of 2 months I have not experienced an attack since. This has changed my life dramatically. I can now enjoy every day pleasures like shopping or visiting friends. I am looking forward to my wedding in September this year with a sense of joy replacing my sense of fear. I only wish I had heard about Minerva Coaching earlier. I would recommend anyone in my position to take action, don’t live in fear when you simply don’t have to.”