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pics-jigsaw.jpgCoaching at Minerva

All discussions are 100% confidential and the individual is at all times in charge of his or her decisions and actions. The client sets the agenda and the coach acts to raise the client’s awareness using suitable coaching techniques. Coaching offers the client empowerment to set and achieve goals that are meaningful to him or her. All information disclosed is treated confidentially.

How many sessions will a client require?

At Minerva we will let you know our recommendation in our first meeting, working with you, the client to agree the number of required sessions. An initial telephone consultation will be free of charge. This session will enable us to set out an agreed time frame with each client on a case by case basis. At Minerva we are committed to our client’s success and will follow the clients agenda at all times. The initial consultation will take 15 minutes, with each session following this, to be approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration.

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