pics-phone.jpgWork Life Balance

Finding the correct balance in life may represent a real challenge in today’s busy times. Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and experiencing a sense of guilt are common feelings that clients may experience. By creating a healthy balance between work, family and personal wellbeing in accordance with our values, we can reduce stress in our lives and feel the many health benefits that this can bring.

At Minerva we can coach you to achieve a better work life balance that works for you. Steps include:

  • Prioritising your values, setting achievable goals in line with your values and working towards these set goals
  • Managing time and prioritising tasks
  • Raising your self awareness
  • Increasing your self confidence
  • Self care: nourishing your physical and emotional health
  • Managing beliefs that serve you
  • Life coaching can aid you to build your self confidence in all areas of your life and assist you in achieving the important goals that you wish to attain from your life